Through every season, Drama is guaran-teed to bless the streets with meal aftermeal of musical buffets from the freshestavors in hip-hop. Keeping the names ofmegastars like Lil Wayne and T.|. sizzlingbetween albums and helping to jumpstartcareers of countless platinum rappers likeDef Jam's Young Jeezy, Mr. Thanksgivingconsistently keeps blocks fed and has for-ever set mixtape standards via his much-imitated Gangsta Grillz series.

Putting his well-eamed industry know-how,music-making talents and strong street in-uence to the test, he brought the hoods tothe 'burbs in late 2007 with the release ofhis star-studded Atlanticl Grand Hustlemajor label debut Gangsta Grillz: TheAlbum. Fonnatted like a mixtape, thealbum featured a menu of respected charttoppers like Outkast, T.|. and Pharell.

While Drama cranks out hits like a factory, his success didn't come overnight. An Atlanta transplant by way of West Phi|ade|phia's Germantown section, Drama moved to the Peachtree State fresh out of high school to attend Clark Atlanta University. A fan of DJ culture since seeing Omar Epps' character DJ Gee Q in the classic hip hop lm Juice, Drama fell in love with DJing years ago when he bought his very rst mix tape- DJ S&S's Old School Part 2 on the streets of Harlem while visiting New York as a kid.Gri||z: The Album. Formatted like a mixtape, the album featured a menu of respected chart toppers like Outkast, T.l. and Pharell.

He buiit his rst local buzz in the City of BrotherlyLove peddling tapes in high school. By the time hehad moved down South, he had the game down toa science. Although his initial catalog of reggae, in-strumental and neo-soul mixes got some attentionon campus, Drama got the most love after droppinghis rst southem-based tape Jim Crow Laws.

He renamed the series Gangsta Grillz and got athen-little-known rapper/producer by the name ofLil Jon to host. Since most artists were not beatingdown his door for mixtape features at the time,Drama used Jon's now-famous drop for every fol-lowing edition. He put Gangsta Grillz mixtapes inevery record store, barbershop and ee market inmetro Atlanta. And it wasn't long before Drama gota call from Grand Hustle co-CEO Jason Geter, whooffered Drama an opportunity to produce a mix-tape in the format of an album, which only featuredartists from the label's group Pimp $quad Click.The CD made so much noise that other artistscalled upon Drama's services. And rappersseemed almost obligated to release a GangstaGrillz mixtape to promote upcoming albums orsimply stay relevant between releases.

In 2003, DJ Drama later formed The Aphilliates together with DJ Sense and Don Cannon in 2003. The three were all natives of Philly tumed Atlanta transplates. The crew expanded to include DJ Jamad, DJ Ox Banga and DJ Jaycee.

As of January 2012, the Aphilliates are building its brand "Drama like the DJ" and is becoming a well known brand brought on by DJ Drama and his new management team. The site www.DramaliketheDJ.oom keeps you up to datewith everything that has to do with hip hop while being the only rare site with iPhone and iPad accessible collection of mixtapes brought to you by DJ Drama and Official Ice. The collection recollects on classic mixtapes and the hottest mixtapes of today. Drama like the DJ has no newartists at the moment, but has funded a new studiocoming to Atlanta this year Means Street Studios.DJ Drama has recently joined forces with Jadakiss creating Consignment (Gangsta Grillz) as well as a Mixtape Release via 50 Cent titled The Lost Tape (Gangsta Grillz).