Oplus is a Colombian-born singer and songwriter whose voice embodies his deep passion for music through his rhythmic flow and deep conviction. Born Osmar Escobar, Oplus was introduced to music at 8 years old while still living in his hometown in Columbia. Soon after, he put pen to paper and began writing lyrics of his own. The self-taught artist came to New York to live with his aunt at the age of 13 where his interest in hip-hop culture grew, along with his dreams to become a star. From free-styling on the corners of Time Square, Oplus moved out to LA to further his musical passion.

His multi-cultural artistic style continued to develop as he gained notoriety in the Latin Hip-Hop and R&B space, all the while maintaining the goal of empowering diverse cultures and uniting people through the universal language of music. Oplus' Latin-American culturally infused style, coupled with his powerful melodies, has allowed hi to differentiate himself through his music. Oplus has earned himself significant praise from the likes of many industry power players and has amassed millions of YouTube views and streams across all DSP's.

Oplus has worked with platinum recording artists DJ Snake, J Balvin, Ozuna, Nicki Jam, Shakira and others.